Supersalone 2021 review

Supersalone 2021 review

The question that all exhibitors asked themselves in the weeks preceding the Supersalone concerned the presence or absence of visitors and especially of foreigners. 

Were there many or few visitors? The optimism and the desire to start again that have characterized Supersalone are the best answer to the question. 

The Supersalone was very different from the classic editions of the Salone del Mobile, much smaller with fewer exhibitors but this allowed for less dispersion between the various pavilions: there were fewer visitors but there were more visitors to the stands. 

A more “democratic” Supersalone where products have finally counted more than the stage of large stands. 

A Supersalone more attentive to sustainability and that with the Open Talks has given voice to ideas and people from all over the world. 

What will the Salone del Mobile 2022 be like? Certainly be different from the Supersalone and the pre-covid Salone del Mobile. A show that will maintain the positive aspects of the Supersalone but with the size of the show, it is unlikely that a show on four pavilions will have a global future. 

What will the Salone del Mobile 2022 be like? We will see it on April 5, 2022. 

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