An Upper West Side apartment reimagined

An Upper West Side apartment reimagined

Interior Design Director Jessica Shaw of The Turett Collaborative has reimagined an Upper West Side apartment, located in an iconic Robert AM Stern building on West 81st. 

Largely inspired by the painting Computer Whiz (Robert Overby, 1987) that captivated the owner’s imagination, the goal was for the home to be colorful, bold, and memorable. In a slight deviation from their usual palette, the Turett team created artful and colorful compositions in each room; keeping the walls neutral.  

Living Room: 

Upon entering the living room, guests are met with sunlit, multi-colored floor to ceiling window treatments. Curved, ultramodern velvet chairs and sofa add more color to the room, joined on a customized area rug by a custom grey L-shaped couch, providing plenty of seating for entertaining. Marble side tables around the room were made from surplus  marble used to make another custom piece on the patio.

Living Room – Images Credit Costas Picadas



Master Bedroom: 

The master bedroom is colored with calming velvety purples, bright whites, and deep grays. The two large windows are cleverly contrasted by a dark, bold textured vinyl wallpaper.

Living Room – Images Credit Costas Picadas
Master Bedroom – Images Credit Costas Picadas
Master Wing Hallway: 

When entering the master wing hallway, a Marilyn Minter photograph of two red lips boldly welcomes guests. This is the case for most of the art in the apartment, selected largely by the client, who has an affinity for modern art: each piece is bold and unlike the next, reflective of their goals for the apartment.

Living Room – Images Credit Costas Picadas
Entry – Images Credit Costas Picadas
Kitchen – mages Credit Costas Picadas

Text provided by Sarah + Abby + Brooke Novità Communications

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