Hotel Johannis: „green space = luxurious space“ (noa* network of architecture)

Hotel Johannis: „green space = luxurious space“ (noa* network of architecture)

noa* (network of architecture) refines the outdoor spaces of the Hotel Johannis in expanding the terraces of the rooms; the architecture of the ground floor melts with the nature.

“…the transformation of the building changes with a changing perspective and is intensified with a ever altering filter of the materiality…” Lukas Rungger

Image credit noa* – network of architecture

The Hotel Johannis is located in the surroundings of Dorf Tirol/Tirolo (IT), embedded in a park with an extensive view across the valley. The family business was given a new face, with a redevelopment of the façade and the outdoor spaces. All the balconies of the guest rooms were transformed into 3,5 meter deep platforms, which can be used as extensions of the living area. In order to allow a direct access from the main building to the outdoor pool there was created an open connection with an organic visual language that flows into the park.

Image credit noa* – network of architecture

The functional demand was the enlarging of the terrace for the guest rooms of the Hotel Johannis for a great panorama but keeping a certain level of privacy; therefore an ambivalent railing was chosen. Vertical steel grids were fixed in the cantilevering balcony floor of massive wood that there was no need for a further substructure; the whole forms a homogeneous ribbon.

The material is mainly used for industrial issues – in this case though it functions as a surprising filter with an interplay in between closed and open, depending on the perspective. The off-sets of the terraces go from 2,5 to 3,5 meters. The bounding of the façade is accentuated with different colour shades.

Image credit noa* – network of architecture

A similar approach for the ambiguity of the material was also leading for the spatial connection of the main building with the outdoor pool. The exposed concrete creates protected outdoor spaces for day beds, outdoor lounges, changing rooms and showers,. The bended concrete merges into the slightly sloping terrain. In general the composition of built and green spaces exhibits a gentle intervention and emphasizes the classiness of the park.

Image credit noa* – network of architecture
Project details:
  • Projectname: Johannis
  • Customer: Family Christoph Götsch
  • Place: Dorf Tirol / South Tirol (I)
  • Architecture: noa* (network of architecture)
  • Finished: March 2015
  • Typology: Hotel / Facade make over

Text provided by Lea Mittelberger – noa* – network of architecture

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