SIPARIO the new “eco” partition wall by Nardi Outdoor

SIPARIO the new “eco” partition wall by Nardi Outdoor

During “Salone del Mobile 2019”, Nardi Outdoor, the Italian brand specialized in outdoor furniture, presents Komodo EcoWall, the first step of the Regeneration project.

Komodo EcoWall Installation during Salone del Mobile 2019 – Image credit ANSA

Last October 2020 in full Covid-19 emergency, Nardi Outdoor introduces SIPARIO the natural evolution of Komodo EcoWall.

SIPARIO is a new modular system of outdoor partition walls in regenerated plastic through the Regeneration project, with self-watering planter.

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, it is characterized by an elegant asymmetrical large mesh design and allows, depending on the positioning of the individual modules, the creation of different configurations and optical effects.

Image credit Nardi Outdoor

Thanks to special snap hooks it is possible to create walls of different shapes – linear, broken, curved and closed and the modules can be mounted in height up to 3 (over 2 meters).

Furthermore, the modules are equipped with a special planter with a double function: ballasting the dividing walls and containing plants and flowers to make the divided spaces natural, private and elegant. Designed for the contract world (but not only), the planter is self-watering, that is, equipped with an 8-liter tank: the water, poured through the hole at the top, flows into the saucer and a special floater signals the level.

Image credit Nardi Outdoor

The second product included in the catalogue born from Nardi’s Regeneration industrial program that collects obsolete outdoor furniture to regenerate plastic, Sipario was created to give an answer to the current need to divide the spaces of bars and restaurants and to the increasingly strong need to live in an outdoor environment that is as natural as possible even in an urban setting. Sipario is in fact produced using recycled and recyclable polypropylene with excellent physical-technical characteristics. Sipario has a particular colour in shades of brown with a matt finish called Terra.

Image credit Nardi Outdoor

REGENERATION is an industrial program for the regeneration of used plastic developed by Nardi.

Regeneration – Image credit Nardi Outdoor

Outdoor furniture, produced in 100% polypropylene, at the end of their life (post-consumer) is withdrawn from the market and then shredded. The shredded polypropylene is subsequently homogenized and uniformed in colour, allowing the creation of new products which are in turn recyclable in a circular economy perspective.

Images credit Nardi Outdoor

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