The Italian Paduan company LAGO invests in the new Campus

The Italian Paduan company LAGO invests in the new Campus

LAGO has expanded its headquarters in Villa del Conte (PD) Italy from 25,000 to 50,000 square meters. A project where sustainability meets the desire to put people at the center of it.

Lago Osteria

The spaces have been completely redesigned, from Lean Production to the development of new digital platforms for dialogue and interaction, from the choice of building a young team with an average age of young employees under 35, and overall of all employees under the forty, up to the investments to make the company more and more 4.0. An investment of almost 10 million euros over four years.

Now a new building flanks the LAGO Fabbrica, the Lago production site and headquarters of the design company. The new building consists of a wooden structure that alternates large windows, facing towards Monte Grappa, and a sunscreen made up of 58 colored strips. Inspired by the work of Gerhard Richter, the sunshade alternates between the strips, creating a gradation of colors that changes according to the light of day and its reflections.

The man who creates is also the man who uses”, says Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design of Lago S.p.A. “We started from this principle to expand the Lago headquarters, relaunching the centrality of people and environmental issues in our approach to doing business. We have become a more mature brand than when we started, now more than ten years ago, but we want to continue to always feed the child in us. For this reason we wanted to invest a lot in creating a new beautiful and exciting production house. Italy has always had a manufacturing vocation. We therefore believe that it is highly strategic develop workplaces that favor social cohesion and human ingenuity, characterized by a high technological rate that allows us to generate a personalized design capable of responding to every type of need and sensitivity”.

the relaxation area of the Lago Osteria

The Campus LAGO is therefore divided into seven spaces, two of which are located in the new building just built:

  • Lago Logistica (Lago Logistic);
  • Lago Osteria, the company canteen and a place for sharing and relaxation, where empathy and relationships can be created.
  • Lago Giardino and Lago Oasi instead welcome guests and visitors in a space designed for recreational and training activities.
  • Lago Fabbrica is the production space organized according to Lean Production.
  • Lago Showroom;
  • Lago Office, the beating heart of the company’s thinking and innovation.


The new building, designed by the Zaettastudio architecture studio, houses Lago Logistica and Lago Osteria.

The search for environmental sustainability has led the company to choose wood as the main material for the new construction. The load-bearing structure is in fact made of laminated wood, with frame perimeter walls and an exposed, bleached and polished OSB finish. The external cladding, on the other hand, is made with titanium zinc shingles, while the roof is made with laminated wood panels and is characterized by the presence of 78 skylights for a total area of ​​175 square meters.

The roof was waterproofed with a green solution using a white TPO plastic membrane. To improve internal comfort, a radiant heating and cooling system was installed and openings were designed to ensure natural ventilation.

The need to increase the storage area with new loading areas has led to the creation of an automatic vertical warehouse 14 meters high which allows for the recovery of additional production area, increasing the storage and temporary production space. On the ground floor, in addition to the logistics office and the production space, there are changing rooms, infirmary rooms and a relaxation area for transporters.

Images courtesy LAGO S.P.A.

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